Mireia Balaguer

Hi, I'm Mireia

I Design & Build Websites

I have been taking clients as a web developer for more than ten years. I started my career designing Quadrant Alfa’s website while a junior at university. Since then I have designed sites for dozens of satisfied clients and created my own opportunities.

What I've done & what I can do

I’ve utilized my skills in Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to my businesses. I lean heavily on my arts and media background to provide a personalized aesthetic for every client and accept nothing but the best from myself. I call on my experience in game design to engage the user and make them feel connected to the product.

My Businesses

I am the owner, designer and web developer of multiple games, news and file listing platforms. I have optimized my websites, RimWorld Base and The Sims Base, to be the first result on search engines. I have profited greatly from my efforts and give the same attention to detail to all my clients.

My recent projects are Dateleak, a games news website focusing on upcoming releases, and Slicehood, a social media platform dedicated to providing straightforward answers to simple questions.

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